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I'm  a musician and educator in Denver, Colorado; previously from Gainesville, Florida.

I've been playing drums since I was in diapers, and have picked up a few more instruments since then. I've been in many bands, but I'm currently doing gig work while focusing on my own material.

As an educator, I've taught middle school and high school percussion sections, as well as competitive WGI ensembles.  One of my groups, Unity Percussion, won a gold medal and broke a record for the highest score at world championships in 2019.  Aside from ensembles, I've been teaching private lessons since 2015 and have taught well over 200 students of all ages and skill levels.

Some of my affiliated bands include Mirage (Gainesville, FL), NuBeat (Gainesville, FL), and Guerrilla Fanfare; as well as orchestral, jazz, theater productions, and other bands. I'm currently working on a solo album.

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